Critical Mass

News Flash On Friday, March 31, the police harassed Pittsburgh Critical Mass participants (and by-standers).

Witnesses can file Citizens Police Review Board complaints at http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/cprb/html/complaints.htm

We meet the last Friday of every month by the Carnegie Museum dinosaur in Oakland at 5.30 pm.

To join our list-serv, send an email to criticalmasspgh-subscribe@topica.com .

Critical Mass is a monthly celebration which brings attention to alternative forms of transportation. By taking to the streets in a mass of bicycle riders, we hope to remind people that bikes are an efficient means of transport, and that bikers deserve a place on the roads.

Riding a bike is fun, good for you, doesn't pollute the environment, and doesn't waste limited resources (or encourage the government to kill innocent people to gain access to said resources). It doesn't contribute to the suburbanization of this country by spreading out cities to accommodate traffic and parking lots. It gives people a connection with their neighborhood and other areas they travel, as opposed to being locked up in a temperature-controlled box afraid of those around them.

Critical Mass means different things to different participants. It is a celebration, not a protest, and gives Pittsburgh's cycling community (both committed cyclists and casual riders) a chance to have a good time together. As a pack, we feel safe on the roads, which can be a welcome break from the aggression we often encounter from drivers.

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Ride Daily. Celebrate Monthly.

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