Critical Mass


Here is a downloadable bitmap image of the newly-designed pittsburgh critical mass image:

Click here to download a Word version of the leaflet to hand to cars. It is similar to the one below but gives the 5.30 meeting time (the older one says 5.15) and has the new Pittsburgh critical mass image.

Click here to download a OpenOffice version of the bikestrips, with updated times.

Below are older promotional material and leaflets for Pittsburgh Critical Mass. The files are in PDF format. If you have any materials you would like to submit, email us.
Perfect for putting on bulliten boards, etc. Includes tear-off strips with ride time and location. Poster contains FAQs, web site URL, ride time and location. 1 poster per 8.5x11" sheet.
For handing out to drivers and passers-by during the ride. Cribbed from the Melborne, Australia site. Includes FAQs and ride time and location. 3 leaflets per 8.5x11" shet.
Bike Strips
For putting on parked bikes (around top tube, handlebars, etc.). Includes regular ride time and location. 16 strips per 8.5x11" sheet. In addition to the one page version, there's a two page version for those with a duplex printer. Currently, you need something that can modify PDF files to print the two page version. If anyone out there knows how to make Adobe Illustrator spit out multi-page PDFs, or how to do it with other software, please let us know.

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